Recent Writing

The surface of politesse: Acting murtāh in Dhofar, Oman.’ This is a draft of a chapter/article that has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press in the forthcoming book Rethinking Politesse with Henri Bergson edited by Allesandro Duranti due for publication in 2022.

‘Facing another: The attenuation of contact as space in Dhofar, Oman.” Signs in Society, 8(2):290-318

‘Turning Quarantine Inside Out.’ Space and Culture 23(3), July 2020

On Social Distancing for the Medical Anthropology Quarterly blog

On Contiguity for Cultural Anthropology: Fieldsights

On Topology as Method with William F. Stafford and Stéphane Gros for Cultural Anthropology: Fieldsights

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