2023 Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Chicago

language in use; Islam; space(s) and topology; Dhofar, Oman; interactional contact and involvement; gesture; Modern South Arabian Languages; digital communication; continuity and deformation; oaths, curses, and interjections; avoidance; comparative Semitics; domesticity; boredom; intersubjectivity and its lack; hospitality; the ambient; method; What is an ethical question?; conventionalization and typification; commensality; comparativism; semiotics; the actual; expressivity and language change; milk; shyness; diagrammatic logic; deixis; others’ minds; comparison; spatial orientation; aspect; public space and ‘the other’; the personal or the political; Medieval Arab grammatical science; psychoanalysis; the role of enjoyment in communication; monsoon fog

PhD Anthropology, UC Berkeley 2021
BA Linguistics, University of Chicago